Plea from Unsolved Canada Board

26 Apr

This is one of the best pleas for information I have read thus far.  The Revelstoke Crimestoppers link isn’t working.  I’ll contact them and find out what’s going on with their website.

“Now, since I’m on here anyways, I thought I might address those who have never come forward.  You’re probably reading this, as I am sure I would be, if I were in your shoes.

Revelstoke isn’t the first place and it is not the last place to have a culture of silence among some people.  It happens a lot and unfortunately in many cases.

There are a lot of people who have have done a lot of awful things, but for the ones who have come forward, there is a lot more public sympathy towards them.  Yes, some anger, some disbelief at the beginning, but more often than not there is at least a sense you did the right thing. You initiated it. You chose to do it by yourself.

I have some sense of respect for this theif who responded to a televised plea by grieving parents:

I have some respect for “Gonzalez” and his 16-year old wife who called 911 to direct helicopters to the area where they knew the bodies of two girls would be found, because the 16- year old wife didn’t want the mother to worry.

And for this guy who walked right into a police station:

And for this young teenager who confessed to doing a hit and run:

I do have respect for them, and in a sense I might even consider them heroic, because they were able to resolve something and end someone’s suffering instead of choosing to hide.

Do you think it may be your turn, today? Tommorrow? If you are able to watch the Crimestoppers video ( and decide that it is your turn, then here are some options for you:

If you are comfortable emailing:

Email addresses:
The Missing Children’s Society of Canada:

For Crimestoppers:

Just for kicks, here is an internet cafe chosen randomly from Kelowna:
X-zone E-lounge, 335 Banks Road | Kelowna, British Columbia | V1X 6A1

If you are more comfortable sitting down and writing a letter:

Missing Children Society of Canada
Suite 219, 3501 – 23 Street NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 6V8

Missing Children Society of Canada
Ontario Office
99 Bronte Road, Suite 814
Oakville, Ontario L6L 3B7

And of course, there is always writing to a newspaper, so you always have those.”

Quote: username NCI07


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