Please Tell Someone What You Know

18 May

In Revelstoke, BC, on September 5th 1998, Brianne Ruth Wolgram vanished at the age of 19. Her car was discovered 5 days later, with no sign of her in it.

I strongly believe that there are people from Revelstoke that know something. I believe that more than 1 person was involved and I believe there are witnesses.

If you have valuable information (not rumors), please come forward.

If you wish to remain anonymous, that will absolutely be respected, we just need to know the truth. If the reward money is accepted, anonymity is guaranteed. If you wish, you can opt to have the reward directed to a charity.

I believe that a person with crucial information must have the desire to come forward; to clear their conscience and help relieve the pain of Brianne’s family and friends.

Our lives have stopped in time and the unknown haunts us.  11 1/2 years have passed since we have seen Brianne and we need answers now, more than ever.

Please do the right thing and tell your story, please help us find Brianne.



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