The Car

18 May

At this point in time, we are leaning toward the theory that Brianne’s car was dumped and she was never at that location (18 km mark – Echo Lake Road). It also appears that the car may not have been there too long before it was found. All of this is speculation at the moment. Should we have any updates or corrections to this information, we will update this post. We are waiting to get answers/updates from the RCMP.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • The tracking dogs only picked up on her scent outside of the vehicle. In speaking with someone who is studying tracking dogs, they have said this is not unusual and does not mean she was there, as vehicles are not air-tight. The environment was optimum for dogs to pick up a scent. Even if someone had carried Brianne away from the car, a dog would still pick up her scent.
  • Anyone who has ever traveled the road to where Brianne’s car was found will tell you it’s a bumpy ride. The pavement ends and you must travel a dirt road for several kilometers. You can imagine the experience in a small Acura Integra. Brianne loved that car and would likely be against taking it that far into the “boonies”, particularly in the dark.
  • We have spoken with someone who was working in the area at the time. He had been working out there for about 1 – 2 weeks before the car was spotted. He believes that many trucks would have been passing by that area several times per day. When the police found the vehicle, they had cordoned off the area but allowed the trucks to get through. He had wondered how he had not seen the vehicle before as it was not that far off the road. In his work crew, there would have been somewhere around six sets of eyes passing that location twice a day. He guesses the car would have been dumped before 5:00 am in order to avoid being seen by loggers. Loggers tend to notice small cars driving up logging roads.
  • Many of us have heard the story of a man spotting a girl in that area early Sunday morning. It has been confirmed that there was a girl who came forward saying she was out there that morning. We need to follow-up on this further to get more details, but this may prove that he did not see Brianne.

One Response to “The Car”

  1. Kerry Gordon September 3, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

    Wasn’t this year a very very busy forest fire season in Revelstoke? There was likely a lot of fire fighters deployed from other parts of Canada. And working in the area and staying in motels/hotels….. Has anyone checked to see if there could be a connection there? Vehicles (trucks)would be rented to support out of province ground crews as they were likely flown in…. if some of the fire fighters had a “record” it may well not have been known…. just a thought….

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