Suspicious Behaviour

22 May

Though Brianne’s peers were at a stage in their lives where many things change, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at this and think about it. There are a lot of preconceived notions that the perpetrators are within Brianne’s group of friends/age range, but realistically, the possibility is open to anyone.

Here is some advice given to us by a member of the Unsolved Canada board that might be useful to some of our memories:

  • Could have come up with excuses to leave the area unexpectedly for what may have sounded like a good reason (work related, visit a distant relative or friend, etc.)
  • May have missed work, called in sick, asked to change shifts, particularly on days after the disappearance of Brianne
  • May have had unexplained injuries (cuts, bruises) particularly on his/her head, hands or arms.
  • May have had an unexpected or sudden interest in the status of this investigation.
  • May minimize or deny a known acquaintance with Brianne.
  • May have displayed nervousness or irritability.
  • May have had shown an increase or decrease in expressing religious beliefs.
  • May have changed routine sleep patterns.
  • May have changed “usual” consumption of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.
  • May have shaved off facial or head hair or started growing a mustache or beard. Women may have dyed their hair, cut it, added extensions, changed their eyebrow shape, stopped wearing make-up, used more make-up than usual.
  • May have been no longer driving at that time, or changed the appearance of, his/her personal or work vehicle for no obvious reason, including suddenly keeping it in a shed or garage, covering it, painting it, selling it, reporting it stolen or giving it away.

Thank you to “Sleuth”.


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