In the Beginning

27 May

In the beginning stages of Brianne’s disappearance, a close friend compiled a book for Brianne to see when she returned home. She wanted to give the book to Brianne in an effort to show her how many people cared and were worried for her safety. The following was written soon after Brianne’s disappearance.

On page two of the book, she writes:

Everything that’s been done to find you:

  • Channel 13 advertising
  • Miscellaneous news stations
  • Preview channel
  • $2,000 reward from McDonald’s (Mr. Naccarato)
  • Assembly and announcements at RSS
  • “Missing” posters
  • Radio
  • Highway lookouts
  • Firefighting helicopters put on lookout
  • Endless driving around
  • Unique magazine
  • Times Review
  • Phoning everywhere, asking everyone
  • Volunteer search
  • Professional search and rescue crews from all over
  • Tracking dogs
  • Infrared helicopters
  • Motorbikes and boats
  • Everyone you know being interviewed by police and Missing Children

In talking to her, Brianne’s friend reflected in disbelief.

When she originally made this list, she fully believed Brianne would come home soon and it would all be a big misunderstanding. She never would have fathomed herself sitting there with an old book on her lap, papers falling out everywhere, and no news on Brianne almost twelve years later.


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