“Let’s put a lid on it, please” Article – September/October 1998

27 May

Another article clipped from a local newspaper with an unknown author. This article was published approximately one month after Brianne Wolgram’s disappearance.

Let’s put a lid on it, please

The Issue A Revelstoke woman has been missing for nearly one month and rumours of her whereabouts and condition have been rampant.

We suggest A community that cares about its own, shouldn’t be participating in the rumour mongering that is plaguing Revelstoke.

Whoever invented the term “the town gossip” should have pluralized it instead. It’s been almost one month since Revelstoke’s Brianne Wolgram went missing and since the news broke, various members of the community have either started or participated in the spreading of countless rumours explaining the whereabouts of Brianne and her condition. This is simply sickening.

Brianne is a real person. She has a real family, real friends, and her disappearance is frighteningly real.

These rumours are nothing but hot air traveling mouth-to-ear, from windbag-to-windbag, serving no purpose but to apparently ease the humdrum existence of those bored with small-town life.

But remember, this is a small town. And those rumours that seem so exciting to spread are damn painful to the people who love and care about Brianne.

It’s quite clear the Wolgrams and their close friends have enough to worry about without trying to avoid the latest gossip – and we at the newspaper have, unfortunately, been enlightened with a fair number of those so-called news tips about Brianne.

The RCMP say they’ve heard tales of how Brianne has been spotted all over the world. It’s a frustrated exaggeration to some extent on their part in trying to solve the mystery surrounding Brianne’s disappearance, but it does make the message very clear.

If there’s no fact to support something, don’t bother repeating it.

But there will be those who give in to the temptation regardless. What the rest of us can do to stop the insanity is inform the gossip mongers in our midst how little we care for their tales, and ask them to think before they spew any more verbal diarrhea.

If you need to ease your desire for spiteful, baseless commentary, check out the magazine rack at your local supermarket and pick up the latest Hollywood tabloid and then take a moment to remember where you live.

This is Revelstoke, a community that needs to stick together and support Brianne’s family and friends. Rumours do nothing but hurt them and divide us.


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