Police Stomp Vicious Rumor Article – May 1999

27 May

This article was written by Gregg Chamberlain eight months after Brianne Wolgram’s disappearance. We have a clipping from the Revelstoke Times Review.

Police stomp on “vicious” rumor in Wolgram case

The RCMP say they have not made an arrest in the Brianne Wolgram missing persons case, nor do they suspect a former Revelstoke resident now in the psychiatric ward in Vernon of having murdered the woman.

Sgt. Art Kleinsmith said Tuesday the report circulating around town is nothing but a “vicious rumor” and the people spreading it should stop.

“It causes more grief for the family,” Kleinsmith said. “That’s where the rumor mill does the most damage.”

Earlier this week, CKCR radio aired an editorial condemning the rumor after listeners phoned asking if there was any truth to it. Kleinsmith said police are checking out all tips related to the case but he noted that people who start false rumors can be charged under the criminal code with public mischief if they are found out.

Brianne Wolgram has been missing for eight months now. Rhonda Morgan, of the Missing Children Society of Canada, which is working with police on the case, said her office has received 40-50 calls since the release in February of composite drawings of two women who were last seen with Wolgram the night she disappeared.

The two are being sought as potential sources of information in the case. A third woman is also sought but not enough details were available about her appearance for a composite drawing. A general description of her has been released.

Both the RCMP and the society are now waiting for the snow pack to melt in the Akolkolex area where Wolgram’s car was found a few days after she was reported missing. Both groups plan searches in the area before the foliage and brush become too thick.

Anyone with real information about the case is asked to either call the RCMP at 837-5255, Crimestoppers at 837-8477, or the Missing Children’s Society of Canada toll free at 1-800-661-6160.


3 Responses to “Police Stomp Vicious Rumor Article – May 1999”

  1. Mike Tory July 26, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

    this message was left thru the site by a person who did not leave a name nor e-amil

    I was a frequent traveller in the Revelstoke area from 1996 through till 2000. I was working on a project that would bring me to town for supplies several times a week. I used the local gas stations and quite often the drive through at the highway restaurants. It was on one of those trips a week or so before Brianne was reported missing that I witnessed an event that may be related.

    I was accustomed to getting a coffee for the road late in the evening on the way through town. A girl whom I believe to be Brianne was working the window most nights at the local Macdonalds at the time. On this one particular night I drove up to the order board as usual and waited for a response. None came for along time and I called into the microphone repeatedly but got no answer. I got tired of waiting and didn’t want to miss the last chance to order as it was nearing closing time so I drove up to the window at an angle where I could see in. Near the back I saw Brianne standing there crying and sobbing hysterically. There was another girl beside her talking to her or consoling her over something. Brianne was really distraught and the other girl’s attention was focused on Brianne to the point she was ignoring everything else. I sat there for quite some time without anyone noticing me. Finally a male employee wearing a MacDonalds uniform came around the corner from within and upon seeing me sitting there, came to the window. He was acting a little strangely, looking back over his shoulder to see what I could see from where I was parked. He seemed to be searching my face to see if he could tell by my expression what I was thinking or how much I had seen. He got me a coffee as quickly as possible to get me on my way, didn’t even charge me and never said anything about what was going on.

    I have been through a lot of drive throughs over the years and have never had anything like that happen before. A few days later I was again going through and stopped for a coffee at the same Macdonalds. The girl who had been beside Brianne the previous night had taken over the job Brianne had been doing and served me at the window. I asked her what had happened the other night and she at first pretended not to know what I was talking about. By the time she got my order she changed her story and acting quite nonchalant said ohh it was nothing and downplayed the event almost to the extreme. Whenever I went through again over the next while, she never said a word about it again but I could tell by the second glance she gave me each time that she had taken note of me, of my curiosity and knew that I had seen enough to make me suspicious.

    The male who came to the window that night had also seemed somewhat concerned as to what I had seen. He was dark haired, clean cut, with a distinguishing pair of thicker than average glasses that made his eyes look bigger than usual. He was older than the teens working there and may have been the night manager.

    It was near this same time when I saw a group of girls matching the description of those in the sketch that was being circulated following Brianne’s disappearance, hanging out at a gas station not far away. One of the girls, a blonde, slightly heavy set, associating with the others, worked there at the time serving gas. She was acting quite strangely in the presence of the other girls on that day, in a manner I had never seen from her before. It almost seemed she was asking for help but couldn’t talk for some reason. The other girls seemed to be watching her actions. This was the gas station on the opposite side of the trans Canada highway from Macdonalds to the right of the intersection if you left the highway going in that direction.

    I once spoke with some locals involved in the search and relayed this story. Since then I have heard several more bits and pieces of information that were a little troublesome to comprehend. I heard that the police were likely quite aware who the group of girls were. I heard that the surveillance video from the 7 eleven was missing for the night of Brianne’s disappearance. I heard that when her car was found, there were no prints to be found, not even Brianne’s. I heard that a couple of Macdonalds employee’s (one male and one female) had changed their stories about their activities on the night that Brianne went missing.

    Given that Brianne has never been found and the strange details surrounding her disappearance , I am left wondering if the incident I saw that night had anything to do with her disappearance. Whatever had happened that night had caused her extreme distress. I wonder if the investigation into her disappearance was compromised at the time so as not to drag MacDonalds name into the investigation. I’m sure that would be something the MacDonalds Corporation would hate to have come out if there was anything to it, female employees being assaulted and or kidnapped and murdered by a male MacDonalds employee!! I wonder what happened to those two employees since, the girl and her male associate from that night. Are they together as a couple now, have they moved on to another location, were there any more incidents wherever they went afterwards, etc…

    If the girl and the male employee aren’t together, maybe the girl could be set up now to get her talking somehow?? Like a story of a huge cash reward for the location of a body, no questions asked.

    I still wonder if the investigation would not have progressed further without the presence of the MacDonalds connection I’m sure MacDonalds has run into this sort of thing before in other places and possibly has more pull than anyone knows to thwart any adverse publicity that could result from these type situations if required? ( hay I just came across this on some chat thread thing I found online but I just wanted to know if any one has seen this or can get it to the proper authority’s thank you I hope it helps

    • Rhonda Ann Godwin October 26, 2016 at 3:55 pm #

      I applaud the effort you made to try and help with this post – wonder if her parents ever saw it. Wow, are there ever a lot of unanswered questions here but I went through something similar around the same time and wonder if there may be a connection. I wouldn’t waste my time trying to tell the RCMP as it’s clear they messed this one up severely. I can’t believe no-one even commented on the possible modus operandi and motive you put forth here. I’d consider you a key witness if I were investigating. wth

  2. Mike Tory July 26, 2013 at 4:30 pm #

    It seems like more needs to be done by the cops I hope thay find out what happend to her I was not close to her but I knew her she was always kind to me she deserves us to help find her

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