“Would all the gossips please shut up!” Article – 1999

27 May

We believe this article was published approximately one year after Brianne Wolgram’s disappearance. All we have is a clipping from a local paper that does not show the author or exact date.

Would all the gossips please shut up!

Here is a message and a polite request to all of the gossips out there in the community. Would you please shut up for a change? Yes, that is being polite considering the latest rumour we’ve been asked to confirm regarding the case of Brianne Wolgram. We’re not even going to repeat this one but if you thought the trash about the guy in the psycho ward was bad, this one is just plain vile. Some creeps are amusing themselves at the expense of the Wolgram family. We hope someone turns them in so they can be charged. Meanwhile, we can really help the Wolgrams and RCMP by not passing on these stories.


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