Is something wrong with this picture?

28 Feb

For a long time, I’ve been confused about the sketches of the “three girls”. Here’s why:

These sketches are used as three different females widely throughout the media:

Sketches from "Gone, without a trace Article"

Brianne Wolgram Poster

Then, I keep seeing this:

Two Girls - Sketches

These four pictures have been explained as only two girls. The caption below reads “Composite drawings of two of three girls last seen with Brianne”. The two on the left are from one sketch artist and witness, the two on the right are from another sketch artist and witness. The two witnesses lived in different cities; one was hypnotized in Vancouver, the other in Edmonton. The pairs are similar in appearance, which suggests the two witnesses were describing the same girls.

I’ve rearranged the photos below for visual representation:

Sketches of Two Girls (Rearranged)

Mainly, what I find strange is that the posters and articles that are widely circulated (top) are using three of these sketches for three different girls, but here we only see two girls.

Why, when, and how did these sketches turn into three different females?


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