True Crime Diva Article

27 Oct

We haven’t been doing much work on Brianne’s website the last few years. This is mainly due to the fact that we felt we had gathered everything we could and had come to a stand-still with the RCMP. We talked to RCMP, an exhaustive list of friends/family, and people whose names were mentioned in rumours. Everyone and everything we could think of – we looked in to it.

This morning, some comments were made on the site that I had to approve, so I started poking around the WordPress “insights” and found some referrals from the True Crime Diva website. Though this article was written in 2012, I had not read it before:

True Crime Diva

True Crime Diva post on Brianne Wolgram


Honestly, I have read A LOT of articles about Brianne over the years and most of them are repetitive and tell me nothing I don’t already know. I liked this particular article because it’s opinion-based and it’s interesting to read feedback from someone who is not from our area and completely separated from the case.

I still feel like the RCMP needs to publicly clarify a lot of information on this case. The sketches of the three girls ARE confusing. Why were we allowed to publish only ONE of those pictures of the car? At the time, we were happy to just have SOMETHING but this really doesn’t make sense.

I know it’s not the RCMP’s job to appease the public with information about a case and that it could potentially hurt their investigation.

I also know that publishing anything we haven’t already heard for the last 18 years would reignite public interest in the case and isn’t that what we want? If we want someone to talk – someone to remember – can’t we get people talking about this again?

Could any of the witnesses that saw Brianne that night contact us to tell us what they saw in their own words?



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